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Triumph Trap

Kangaroo #3 Coil Spring Trap Victor Triumph Newhouse Antique


NEW BOOK - Adirondack Dick, Richard K Wood Triumph trap newhouse vintage antique




#3 Kangaroo Trap Triumph Trap Co vintage traps


RARE #2-XK Triple Clutch Triumph trap newhouse antique vintage


triumph steel trap #1 with anchor bolt


No. 2 Triumph Kangaroo Game Trap Animal Newhouse


Triumph 115 High Grip Long Spring Trap Victor Newhouse


vintage triumph #1 steel trap


No. 2 Triumph Kangaroo Oneida Game Trap Newhouse


TRIUMPH pat pend No 2 Made by Triumph Trap Co Inc Double Long Spring Leg Hold


No. 4 Triumph 2 Hole Pan Animal Trap Newhouse


Nine Russ Carman Trapping Supply Catalogs - Newhouse, Victor, Triumph


#4 Triumph double long spring trap in very nice collectible condition


Triumph #215-X Newhouse Single Long Spring Trap


Vintage Triumph No 1 Three Jaw Trap Great Condition Victor Newhouse Antique


TRIUMPH pat pend No 2 made by Triumph Trap Co Inc double long spring DL


Two O.L. Butcher Trapping Supply Catalogs - Newhouse, Victor, Triumph


Vintage Triumph One Spring Ranger No.42 Trap? ~ 3 Teeth Each Jaw ~ Chain


Vintage Triumph #3 Double Long Spring Trap with Chain


No. 1 1/2 Triumph Game Trap Crossing Pattern Newhouse


Vintage No. 1 1/2 Kangaroo Jump Animal Trap, Triumph, Trapping.


Bell Trap No. 4-Newhouse-Triumph


Vintage Triumph No.1 Steel Trap Trapping Western/Cabin Decor used


Vintage Triumph No.3 Square Grip Easy Set Trap with Drag #569


Vintage # 1 Kangaroo Jump Animal Trap, Trapping, Triumph Trap Co.


Vintage ~ Triumph No.4 Double Load Spring Trap ~ Antique


Vintage No. 1 Kangaroo Jump Animal Trap, Made By Triumph Trap Co.


Triumph Trap Price Guide by Vance


Circle 33 trap-Newhouse-Triumph


Triumph Game Trap


Antique Triumph #3 Kangaroo Trap / hand forged stake and Drag Perfect display


Triumph trap collection-Newhouse-Victor


Triumph 1 1/2 Long Spring Trap - Missing Chain Ring


Triumph Triple Clutch Trap 115-X- Pans Readable


VINTAGE TRAP TRAPPING Triumph #3 triple clutch Not 100% On Brand And Make


Three # One Triumph Never Break Coil Spring Animal Traps, Made In U.S.A.


VINTAGE TRAP TRAPPING #2 double longspring Blake Or Triumph


Gibbs and Son two trigger traps-Newhouse-Triumph


Antique TRIUMPH NO.1 Trap Hnting Cabin Decor


VINTAGE TRAP TRAPPING triumph #1 long spring Not 100% On Brand And Make