How to Measure the ROI of your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Just like in other marketing strategies, money also talks in social media marketing. Whether doing frequent posting, establishing engagement in the audience and customer-related performances, any activity done regardless of the social media platform that is using must ensure that it can bring returns and profits to any ventures exposing in. This may sound easy, […]

PHP Framework vs CMS | Advantages and Disadvantages

It does not matter if you are a specialist or a beginner, if you need to create a website, you will have to choose the appropriate tool for this. In this article, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the free popular systems based on PHP. Remember to make a decision on the basis of […]


Minimalism in Web Design. Is Less Really More?

“Less is more”. This phrase of the German architect Mies Van Der Rohe has become the maximum definition of minimalism. The minimalist design is the design in its most basic form. It’s the elimination of heavy elements for the eyes. Its purpose, in general, is to make the content stand out and its present glory […]

Web Design Template Copy Space Concept

The importance of stunning web design on your page

The content of a webpage is primarily the thing that we all looked for when we made that click in hope of finding just the right product or service for us. But, is content the actual thing that will make us stay a bit longer on that website? Scientific research has shown that website owners […]