Compay Name: Joomla
Released: September 2005

The Joomla content manager offers unbeatable possibilities for developing and managing websites. Allowing webmasters to generate dynamic and interactive portals with multiple functionalities.

Make pages easily without programming experience

Simplifying the updates, the elaboration of menus or the definition of different levels of access and privileges of diverse administrators among many other options.

For all these reasons, it is one of the best tools for web 2.0. Being preferred even ahead of other web managers, which may be more simple to use, but do not treasure all their potential. Joomla is also freely distributed and open-source application that is being used under a general public license (GNU/GPL).

This aspect was a sign of constitutive identity since its origins in 2005 when it was still Mambo. With its help, you can generate a dynamic and interactive website such as public administration pages, corporate pages as well as online stores with third-party extensions or forums and blogs.

Joomla allows both the publication by the manager of the website and the interaction of the users through the publication of articles, surveys or collaborations with the website management. It allows a community of users to interact and participate in the site. This does not mean that a Joomla site always has a user community: some Joomla sites are managed by a single person, although this is not usual.

Building a website with Joomla is super easy and fun due to the multitude of templates and extensions available. Whether it’s a news website, e-commerce platform or just another blog, you can find all kinds of pre-built extensions on the official Joomla website.

Its templates are also widely available on the Internet, so starting with Joomla adventure is not a difficult task. However, although using the Joomla content management system is quite easy to understand, incorporating a custom design without having previous development experience can be difficult.

When talking about a high-end CMS, it’s impossible to not make a comparison with WordPress at the end. Although WordPress has 120% more downloads, more free themes and plugins than Joomla, it’s not unsafe to say that Joomla gives WordPress substantial competition.

On the contrary, this easy to apply CMS is still quite a game-changer when it comes to a fast solution for a perfect website.

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