Compay Name: Magento, Inc.
Released: March, 2008

Magento is a CMS platform or open-source framework specialized for electronic commerce purposes. With its help, you can carry out all kinds of projects and developments related to e-commerce as it allows the construction of a fully customized website. You can have complete control over the functionalities and options of both the website and the sales channel.

Flexible e-commerce CMS

It is a framework that is focused on users with a certain level of knowledge about web design and development, unlike other creation methods for online stores such as WordPress, Shopify or Prestashop. Thanks to its conception and philosophy based on a modular system of free code, it is a highly scalable option and enjoys excellent flexibility for the development for any type of e-commerce.

In a matter of a few minutes, you can start building a website for your virtual store from nothing and achieve complete control over it, as well as sales, products, customers and online payments. In addition to this, Magento allows you to extend its functionalities thanks to thousands of modules from the so-called Magento Marketplace. A spot where you can also find free templates/themes to change the look of your store.

This software is also characterized by being open source, so it has a great initiative behind it. It’s supported by thousands of developers around the world that lead one of the best e-commerce platforms today. Currently and according to W3Techs, 1% of the total number of websites worldwide use this CMS platform

Magento offers multiple options for the integral management of your online store, among many of them, the two can be highlighted as most useful. The control of numerous pages and online stores from the same Administration Panel (that is, centrally, something beneficial if you have to manage and control more than one website).

Additionally, there is an API service and the possibility of using Google APIs to integrate any extension, application and external function easily and to be able to perform multiple or previous and subsequent testing of each option.

Import and Export of the product catalogue of your Magento online store easily and quickly (you can upload the entire catalogue at once). One of the most important aspects of any online store is the correct display of the products by your customers. To attract them and make them stay for a while in your store, Magento has a series of features that will be more than useful in fulfilling your business goals.

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