“Less is more”. This phrase of the German architect Mies Van Der Rohe has become the maximum definition of minimalism. The minimalist design is the design in its most basic form. It’s the elimination of heavy elements for the eyes. Its purpose, in general, is to make the content stand out and its present glory in today’s graphics and web design is unquestionable.

From the visual point of view, the minimalist design is meant to be calm and bring the mind of the observer to the basics of the piece. Therefore, minimalism offers specific visual contents addressed by the simplicity of the graphics resources that should be used to achieve consistent development without distractions. The main purpose of the minimalistic design is to show only what is important or what is really functional.

Everyone Wants the Facts in a Straightforward Design

The works of minimalism seek simplicity and reduction to eliminate all symbolic allusion and focus on purely formal issues: color, scale, volume or surrounding space. We can see a perfect example of such an approach in this amazing hair accessories website. The point that they try to make it clear and simple with little significance to the richness of detail and various options.

The minimalist graphic design follows the characteristics of certain styles, such are the abstraction, structural and functional purism, order, reduction, synthesis, simplicity, and concentration. The reduction of forms to the basic level, as well as the inclination to excite thought about the minimum of expression, are one of the bases from designers of this movement.

One of the most important things to remember is that you never overload the site with elements that do not add anything to the functionality or the purpose with which it was created. Other characteristics that need to be implemented are the abundance of blanks, effective typography and use of color, clarity of purpose, and elimination of extra elements for better focus.

Minimalism Is Here to Stay

The minimalist design is capable of transmitting a lot with the little that you have. That might be the complexity of the “simple” and that is precisely the hardest thing to achieve. An art that is reached after being stripped of everything unnecessary while telling you a story of a long and deep knowledge from artist that creates it.

Taking these things into consideration, it’s no wonder that minimalism in web design today is nearly always two steps ahead from other styles that can give life to the webpage. We are prone to instantly throw away confusing representation of anything that gets in front of our eyes.

No one likes to spend time confused and everyone wants the clear facts to immediately appear just as we search for them. This is the part when minimalism gets in the game and scores the winning point. As it turns out, the most famous brands of the world already decided that they will stick with this kind of style for some time, and judging by their success in online representation there is no way to doubt such decision for your own web service