Compay Name: Shopify
Released: 2004

Shopify is a famous e-commerce platform that allows small, medium, but also large companies to build and manage an online store easily. Despite not being the best known CMS, Shopify has become a recommended software and already has more than 1 million active users.

Simplicity and efficiency for your store

The efficiency with which you can create your online store and modify it to your liking without having to acquire prior technical knowledge is really exceptional. Shopify lets you start selling and managing orders more quickly than with arguably any other CMS. Once you install the software, the platform has a guide so you can get to know how you can customize it, add products, and use all other functions.

Easy payment and creation

Whether you want to position your market locally or globally, Shopify has a large number of payment gateways that accept more than 70 international currencies. Automatically, the platform also has a tax adjustment system based on the location of your business.

The broad range of templates available for this platform allows you to create and modify the store to your liking. The design possibilities are pretty much endless as you have at your disposal more than 100 templates developed by professionals in your sector. Therefore, the quality and elegance of all these templates will allow you to have a design totally in line with your business demands.

Additionally, the management of emails and orders are done automatically. Since you receive automatic notifications in your email every time someone wants to contact you or obtain a product.

The number of products that you can add to Shopify is unlimited. Besides, the platform allows you to import and export with CSV files easily or even through integrated applications of the platform.

Whatever the plan you choose, you will have unlimited bandwidth. That means that it doesn’t matter how much traffic you receive. Your store will operate just as smoothly, and the server will allow you to gain high traffic peaks without suffering breakdowns.

With an intuitive interface, The management of your store becomes much more enjoyable thanks to the simplicity of its appearance. One of the handiest things about this CMS is that it doesn’t require a necessary previous experience to know how to manage your online store.

Shopify will provide you with everything you need so that, in a matter of few minutes, you can get to know how the software works, as well as make the most of all its features and characteristics.

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