The content of a webpage is primarily the thing that we all looked for when we made that click in hope of finding just the right product or service for us. But, is content the actual thing that will make us stay a bit longer on that website? Scientific research has shown that website owners have somewhere between 3 and 10 seconds to capture visitors attention regardless of the content delivered in front of their eyes! This is where your slick and straightforward design has to play the role as the key player that will make everyone fall in love with your website and even share it in hope that everyone will see how it’s done. Without further ado, let’s see what are key factors in a successful web design strategy.

Capture their eyes

Just like we noted earlier. You will have a couple of seconds to capture someone’s attention regardless of the strength of your content. If you try to examine the Just Banter website. It serves as a perfect example of straightforward content with just enough measure of futuristic design. Note how the navigation on the website is primarily the focus for a targeted audience. You are never more than two clicks away from the information that you came for in the first place, and that might as well be the most important thing that you can deliver for any curious visitor.

This can be out of greatest importance if you have a lot of pages on your site and don’t forget that their attention span is not so big and leaving anyone confused will only increase chances of them leaving and never coming back again. Less is more. That golden rule can be perfectly applied to the whole web design strategy.

Choosing the simplistic yet spontaneous navigation will make visitors come back for more! Keep in mind that before you decide to add that video or not so important yet attention consuming visuals that the masses maybe won’t find them as attractive as you do, so thinking globally in that way can be challenging since it is clearly impossible to satisfy everyone’s taste.

Having the right dose of visuals can do wonders

Web Design On Laptop

Nonetheless, there are many cosmetics that need to be added as well as minor changes that can make a major impact. Such as creating an empty space that will let the readers’ eyes rest in the middle of their reading or the overall serenity created by carefully picked colors of the background that will have a major psychological impact in readers subconscious. Note that feeding their eyes once they arrive is the main goal of your web design strategy.

Appropriating the visuals for the important website details will also enhance your SEO results. This happens when you incorporate business-related keywords in the HTML text.

When search engines like Google start noticing your website it’s needless to say the greatest thing that can happen to your outreach and it will definitely result in higher search engine placement. Which means that your website will become more and more noticed and that is exactly what we had in mind in the first place with our web design approach.