If you are planning to finally fulfill your dream of becoming a successful food blogger or a company that wants to share recipes and other products you’ll need to start with a good WordPress theme. The visual appeal of your website can practically make or break your business.

People are extremely visual beings so choosing the right WordPress theme that will allow you to customize it in the right way can in many ways to increase your chances of being very successful. There are several things a quality WordPress theme should offer and some of those are recipe building modules, the right plugins, accessible widgets, interesting sliders and so on. 

Here, we are going to present to you some of the best WordPress themes that are not only easy to use but are also one of the most aesthetically pleasing and highly customizable themes that will make your blog unique and recognizable! 

Food Blog

Food Blog Theme - ThemesInventory

Even the name of this WordPress theme says it all. It is perfect for all the people who are planning on opening a food or cooking blog. Food Blog has a highly visual appeal, so if you like to arrange your delicious delicacies in a special manner and photograph it, this theme will help you show your photography side with its clean interface which has plenty of room for images. Because it can feature large images, nothing will be left unnoticed on your blog! 

Apart from having a photo-friendly layout, Food Blog also has a completely responsive view, it has an easily manageable customizer. It also comes with a recipe builder — Recipe Card WordPress plugin from YumPrint with which you can build a library of recipes for your readers!

With an easy sidebar choice, you can customize your theme in a way that will suit and represents your blog in the best light, going for either minimal or creative approach. There are also plenty of social media options with which you will easily stay connected to your readers.    

Price: $39


Soledad Blog - ThemesInventory

The Soledad theme is perfect for people who like to play around with different styles and who like to have the freedom to completely customize the look of their page. Soledad is praised for its attention to detail and the overall quality of use and user experience. This theme has more than 250 customizable visual options, leaving you with complete freedom to make your blog look absolutely unique! 

Soledad will also help you with search engine boosting making your blog more visible and you will more easily connect with your readers and reach new ones! One of the best options Soledad offers is a live preview, perfect for people who like to see what their blog will look like before making their decision. 

With this live preview, you can change the slider from static photos to animation, there are sidebar options for widgets that can help you stay in touch through social media and it has a responsive layout for viewing on smaller devices like phones or tablets.

Price: $59 


Cookely Web Presentation - ThemesInventory

Cookley, unlike previously mentioned WordPress themes, does not have that much freedom when it comes to customizing the look of your blog, which may for some (indecisive) people be the perfect option. But when it comes to customization options this theme provides you with 6 premade color schemes.

You also have a standard recipe index, recipe card block integration you can choose between a grid layout or a list layout. In other words, Cookley will provide you with a beautiful yet simple and minimalistic look. 

Cookley also has a simple to use layout which will allow you to organize your recipes in the most beautiful fashion with a homepage that has more than enough space to display your most popular posts with, where you can put a preview image that will make your readers and visitors wish for more. You can also customize a newsletter banner in order for your visitor to never miss any of your delicious recipes! 

Price: $69

Good Food

Good Food WordPress Theme - ThemesInventory

Good Food WordPress theme has an excellent elegant designed with plenty of great features that will help you highlight your recipes, beautiful photos of food and other interesting articles you might have. Good Food has a fantastic feature that can help you easily customize information on your recipes like ingredients, cooking time, instructions, etc.

This is done through a custom recipe post type. Your readers will have everything clearly explained in one place and will love the elegance and easy use of the Good Food theme. 

Good Food also features an events calendar where you can schedule cooking classes or meetups, challenges and everything you might want to do with your readers. Good Food is an international theme in a way because it features WPML tools which will offer your visitors to translate your content in their language! There are also plenty of customizable sliders that supports animation, widgets, color schemes with an easy to use visual builder! 

Price: $59


Kale Website - ThemesInventory

Kale is a very beautiful and responsive WordPress theme perfect for food blogs. It has a clean framework and plenty of wonderful blog templates and layouts with features like customizable recipe indexes.

Monetizing your blog will be very easy, effortless and completely intuitive. Kale WordPress theme also has built-in ads and it’s absolutely SEO friendly which will make your blog more visible and you will more easily connect with your readers! 

Kale is compatible with all browsers and with all electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops and so on. You will easily stay connected through your social media accounts with advanced theme settings with which you can easily share your content on other platforms. You will also be able to highlight your recipes and stunning photos for a more visual effect to your readers! 

Price: $59


Opening a blog in a highly competitive niche such as cooking can at first seem intimidating and like an impossible task. But as soon as you start creating and customizing your blog you will begin to realize how much fun it is to have a blog. Of course, after a while, your blog might evolve into something serious with plenty of business opportunities in your way. 

The most important thing is to be yourself and to create content that you will love and that is aesthetically pleasing to you! Because when you are authentic and discover your style the right kind of audience is going to be attracted to your blog!