Compay Name: WordPress
Released: May 2003

WordPress is a free CMS (Content Management System), designed to easily create and maintain a Blog, a Web site or an Online Store. This platform saw the light back in 2003, and it was designed as an instrument that allowed you to upload texts and images and publish them by giving them a specific format and design

Free open source software

One of the handiest facts about this CMS is that WordPress is free of charge. You can use it to create any website without any prior knowledge of web development, but you can also exert the source code and modify it as you wish. At this moment, you can enjoy more than 2600 themes and 31,000 free WordPress plugins that you can easily download, install and use for practically any purpose. Since it is open-source, it has also become a true development community. It is maintained by a massive group of volunteers, most of them self-taught experts, with an active interest in the growth of the platform.


Anyone can participate in this beautiful project: answering support questions, developing plugins, creating topics, updating and translating documentation. Most users who enjoy using WordPress are neither web designers nor IT professionals. Everyone knows that you can start using WordPress without any previous knowledge of website design or programming languages.

Among all the CMS available in the market, WordPress turns out to be the ideal candidate. One of the most evident reasons is the fact that there are thousands of free templates to choose from and create a website that you want instantly. 

Its themes are also quite easy to customize, as they have a huge number of options that allow you to change colours, upload a logo, change your background, create beautiful galleries, and do many other great things without having to write a single line of code.

This CMS is super flexible and can be made more versatile and powerful by the use of plugins. Not to mention how it is SEO Friendly. The large number of optimizations that the community has made to WordPress code makes it quite friendly for search engines.

WordPress not only serves to write your great ideas, but you can also embed YouTube videos, Instagram photos, tweets and audios from Soundcloud, just by pasting the link in the post. 

WordPress themes

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Seven SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

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