Writing Guidelines

Your contribution to this community is always welcomed and we will be more than happy to publish great written content.

Here at ThemesInventory we welcome all content that writers publish in order to spread this fast-growing community even quicker. Anything that is correlated with Graphical design, Web page Design, and other forms of graphical development is always embraced. Feel free to carefully figure out unique ideas that will greatly improve our representation and possibly increase your business model to the new heights.  Follow the instructions below in order to contribute unique and relevant content to our site.

Authentic work

What is out of the most important from your contribution is that its unique, never represented before, engaging, informative and last but not least fun!

We are determined to bring to the audience work of creative writers that are professionals in their field and as such, it is expected that the information delivered is special and unique in every possible way.

Before posting on our website check the main page of google results for the theme that you are working on because no one wants to read repetitive content but everyone wants to experience something new and engaging.

Let us see the things from your point of view

Your experiences about a certain subject are some of the most important things that we demand. Feel free to always give a touch of your thoughts about the topic that will nonetheless give the audience the true and special feeling that only a professional like you are can deliver! There are various plagiarism checker services that will help you identify whether your content is truly appropriate for our webpage.

Your target audience

Anyone that might be interested in spreading his knowledge about well-maintained web page design. Our community is made of various graphical designers, community bloggers, people who know how to make any page more enjoyable for your eyes or just a simple wanderer who wants a new and fresh theme for his favorite web service. Needless to say that your target audience must be taken into consideration before you start to write unique content for our fast-growing community

The headline

The article headline needs to fascinate your readers and gives them a luring portrayal of the issue or question you are breaking down. Keep it short, captivating, and critical.  The feature is ought to associate with 6 words, more or less.

  • Use emotionally strong adjectives
  • (Astonishing, basic, energizing, luring, stunning, and so forth.)
  • Use numbers. Odd numbers work better in comparison to even ones.
  • Use questions that contain a response to the issue. This demonstrates to the reader that they may gain some new useful knowledge.
  • Don’t hesitate to utilize negative-sounding words.

Note that every one of these proposals is discretionary, simply ensure they work for you not against you while making a feature.

Article structure


The base required length is 500-600 words. Please try not to write more than 1500 words, except if you sense that your subject requests an increasingly intensive methodology.


The primary sentence can represent the deciding moment in the readers will to continue exploring. Use it to send an exceptional message that echoes with your crowd.

Utilize one to two short sections for the first experience while presenting the general thought behind your point and interest your peruser to keep investigating what you bring to the table.

Keep it chatty, useful, and ask questions that you will give answers to all doubts that reader might find while walking through your writing.

The last sentence in your presentation ought to incorporate a down to earth motivation behind why they should keep reading and what they may gain from you. Consider it a chance to influence your perusers that you offer something valuable to them.


Gap your article ideally into 3-5 sections with headings. Each heading you examine needs to mirror your claims that help your announcement regarding the matter. Likewise, don’t hesitate to utilize the Enter key to separate those passages. Great article structure enhances comprehensibility so maintain a strategic distance from content bulkiness.


Each story needs a legitimate conclusion. Wrapping up your article with a blast must strengthen your message and condense the key takeaways for your reader.

Other useful links

You can embed up to 2 in-article links that need to assist pages relevant to the point of your article. After we distribute your article on ThemesInventory, we politely request that you include a link to your site that needs to be relevant to the subject.


Utilize single spaces between sentences.

Use numbered or bulleted list choices when tilted.

Keep away from any inordinate capitalization.

Don’t hesitate to add pictures to your article, simply try to express the source interface.


When you choose what subject you will cover if it’s not too much trouble email us with your title and Submission date. It will be greatly appreciated.

When you wrap up your article, email us your *.doc document for correction or offer a Google Drive connection of the record with empowered altering choices. Express your full name and title in the document name.

In regard to your article, kindly incorporate a fascinating meta depiction of 155 characters (not words) that will incorporate catchphrases your theme is centered around. It fills in as an indication about the substance of your article that perusers will see when studying their web indexes. This will gradually represent the deciding moment their longing to tap on the connection and read more.

Creator Contributors

On the off chance that you are writing for ThemesInventory site out of the blue, it would be ideal if you send us the following so we can exhibit your profile to the readers:

  • Full name or pen name. Short bio (3-5 sentences).
  • Don’t hesitate to incorporate a link to your site and additionally social media.
  • Image attachment of your headshot in jpg. the format at a minimum size of 600×600 pixels (this is optional).